Wednesday, June 4, 2008


As I stand looking in the mirror, the man staring back is not the same as the person even a few months ago. Peering out of that reflective surface are the eyes of a man who, even in his limited amount of years, wishes to convey that which is beneficial to the whole of mankind. Some of those things that are to be conveyed are worth more to a man than gold. One of these things are the relationships that we have with the people around us, and sometimes more importantly the relationship we have with ourselves.

As Walter Winchell once said, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” I cannot even begin to explain the joy of having a true friend. As for myself, if it were not for my best friend, I honestly can’t imagine having made it this far. Not only has he been someone that I can talk to about what has been troubling me, but he is a person who gives real world advice. I truly would be lost without some of the advice that he has given me throughout the years. Also, if we expect to have great friends, we ourselves have to be a good friend. Of course, outside of maintaining our relationships with our friends, we have to do the same with our family. Family is the backbone of who we are. They created us, supported us, raised us, and instilled in us the characteristics that make us who we are. If we cannot heed the words of our family, then who will we listen to? Family is often the only thing we have left in the dire moments of our lives. We cannot even begin to imaging what it would be like to be alone in this world.

As for myself, I personally believe that someone is only as good as he/she thinks of themselves. If a person goes into what they are doing thinking that there is no way they will succeed, what are the chances that they actually will? As a person who has always had a somewhat low opinion of himself, I have recently come to rely on the previous statement. Since I have started believing in myself, I have been able to accomplish what I never thought I could, the relationship we have with ourselves is as important as any. Now having a high opinion of yourself and being arrogant are two separate things. Believing that you can accomplish something, verses thinking you are better than someone else because you can accomplish those things, should always remain separate. Socrates once said, “I know nothing except the fact of my ignorance.” Within this statement lies all that we need to know about keeping ourselves from being arrogant. If I can admit that I don’t know everything, then I can make progress toward true knowledge. Maintaining a relationship with ourselves, but keeping from being arrogant is as vital to our success in life as having friends who “will walk in” when we need them most.

As far as relationships go, if anyone knows of a single, attractive female (perhaps some ones younger or older sister) between the ages of 18-23, please don’t hesitate to let me know

Fly From Hell Part 1

Below is a reenactment of the events that transpired between me and one fly that was apparently spawned in the pits of Hell.


Fly: “Buzz buzz annoy annoy buzz buzz.”

Me: *swats at fly but misses and nearly tears off fingernail*

Me: “@()*$*(&^! @() N&J@JMF()I@ that hurts!!!”

Fly: *in fly language* “muhahaha annoying this human is the sole existence for which I was made, and I will fulfill it to my fullest potential.”

Me: *flails arms like a rabid baboon in an attempt to scare of the fly”

Fly: “look at him, he thinks he can catch me….hahaha….never”

Me: “I think this thing is taunting me, I mean really, he knows exactly when to move as to avoid being hit by this over sized phone that magically appeared in my hand”

Fly: “oh crap! That was a close one, time for reinforcements”

Fly: *makes fly noise that attracts the attention of all flies in the vicinity*

Me: “oh crap, more of em…time to bring out the big guns!”

Me: *grabs rolled up newspaper and proceeds to swat like a mad man”

Fly: “wow, he’s actually improving, but I will not be defeated!” *goes into superfly mode*

Me: “okay fly, I am going to name you Jaws so when I finally end your life, I can tell my friends that I killed Jaws”

Fly: *grows teeth to match new name*

Me: “ OWWWWWWW DID HE JUST BITE ME!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?”

Fly: “oh yes, I did muhahaahaha” *bites again*

Me: “hmm how can I beat this crafty little creature?” *thinks for a while*

Me: “after much hard work, a few pieces of duct tape, some toilet paper, a pen, an old Bic lighter, and some hairspray I have constructed that which cannot be defeated by Jaws”

Fly: “uh oh, what is he doing? I can’t see!”

Me: *okay boys, playtime is over” *grabs mini flamethrower*



Fly: “I will return one day having been trained in the ways of flyrate (karate for flies) and on that day! I will be triumphant!”

To be continued….