Thursday, May 29, 2008


(What The Heck, Did That Really Just Happen-O-Meter)

I guess at this point in my life seemingly random and useless things are occurring at an interval that is shockingly frequent. Although these thing that seem so random, I believe aren’t so random at all. In fact, I think that I have some kind of voodoo witch curse that has been placed on me for about four years. It seems that everything I say, touch, do all affect my life in a fashion that always seems to be negative. I guess that I am just ranting about all the miss-fortunes that I seem to be incurring at the moment, or perhaps some “other worldly force” is at work here? Well I for one am not going to sit back and let these occurrences pass me by without sharing the fun with the rest of you!..(Yay)..I think that even though these things happen to me, I can always view them in some sort of comical light that will bring pleasure to other people, thus giving me entertainment. Which is exactly what this new little section of my blog is for; telling people about the crap that happens day in, and day out in my life. So sit back, grab a bag of popcorn and just go crazy reading.

I guess I shall start the meter by telling of what happened to me today (admittedly it really isn’t all that bad in retrospect). So as the long day at the furniture store wore on, and the end was in sight, the most horrible thing that can happen to a furniture deliveryman* happened to me. Yes the horrible, horrible event that involved my manager, the phone, and a little ignorance happened (keeps you in suspense). So as I am about to leave; the familiar sound of the phone ringing can be heard throughout the store, I think “meh, it’s time to go so he (the manager) can’t possibly make me work late” well, he can, and he did. The person on the other end of the line was an angry customer who had ordered two chairs a month prior, and they came in with a little scratch, so we had promised her we would replace them. Well, long story short, I had to load up the chairs, get back in the truck, and drive 45 minutes to her house (why couldn’t it have been in town?) and deliver these chairs. So after all of that is finished I arrive back at the store thinking “okay now I can go home because there is absolutely nothing left to do, and its almost time to go home” well, yet again I was proven wrong. Only this time it was much worse than before. So I get called back to the warehouse, and instructed that we have to put together 5 boxes of tables, (mind you that each box houses 3 tables; so you do the math) but wait, there is more! At about the same exact time; the Wendy’s that I had eaten for lunch suddenly comes back with a force equal in size to about 300 angry Spartans attacking my lower intestine. In the end, I wound up putting all the crap together, and FINALLY being able to trudge home where the great white throne awaited the arrival of its king.

As I wrap up this yet again grammatically incorrect post, I want to know if anyone knows a single, attractive, woman between the ages of 18-23.

*the absolute worst thing that can happen to a delivery man of furniture is slicing open his hand with his box cutter, which actually happened to a co-worker of mine. He, not being the brightest bulb in the box decides its okay to cut toward your self. In the process he managed to cut from the fleshy part between the thumb and forefinger most all the way to his wrist, and in doing so cutting all the nerves and such along the way. Well he still works with us, but in the office, after having 2 surgeries. Well, I guess he doesn’t mind considering all of the Aflac that he has received due to this event.


Ashley said...

I love how you talk about your day in detail, and then randomly put in your ad for a chick. =]

The Time Taker said...

haha, thanks