Friday, May 30, 2008

My Disgust

Most people in this universe care about one thing and one thing only. That thing is themselves, and because of the extreme level of selfishness in our society, most people are unhappy with their lives. Being in a position where I have to work with the public every day, I get to see more of what this world is made of then most people, and frankly, it disgusts me. How hard is it to even say thank you to somebody when they do something nice? Apparently it is very difficult, considering that I’ve been working here for six months and can count on one hand how many times I’ve been thanked for the job in which I do. The reason I am speaking on this subject is due to an event that fueled my rage at the pitiful state of being in which the people of this nation live in.

As I was walking into work today, something caught my eye as being different from the day before. As I walked closer to the object that had captured my attention, it became clear what was before me. There in front of my eyes lay the dead body of a kitten not more then two months old. As I was wondering how it had gotten there, it suddenly became apparent. As I looked closer at the concrete surrounding the kitten (which was lying at the base of one of the walls of the building) I realized this was not a natural death, somebody had intentionally ended the life of this defenseless kitten by slinging it, by it’s leg apparently at a high rate of speed enough so to actually tear the leg from the kitten’s body. It is apparent that he slung the kitten into the wall for the purpose of killing it. The reason I know this is true is due to a few specific things that indicate how it had happened. First, the kitten was lying in a pool of its own blood which was in a separate place from the location of its leg, which means that there had to be some serious forces involve. Second, on the wall were stains of blood at the point that the kitten had impacted. Third there was a foot print in the blood that made me think that someone had to have been there to have stepped into the blood while it was still wet.

As the gravity of what happened to that poor creature hit me, it sparked a reaction in me that I hadn’t experienced in quite some time. As I looked in disgust, all I wanted to do was find the perpetrator, and punish him in the same manner in which he had ended the life of kitten. I mean really, what would cause a person to do such a heinous thing to such a little creature that had only begun its life. If somebody is willing the snuff out the life of a baby animal just for the sake of killing, what more are they capable of doing if not restrained? The thinking that we will never suffer the consequences of our actions only leads to the degradation of the human race. If everyone would follow the golden rule (do unto others as you would have them do unto you) this life would be exponentially better.

Picture ourselves fifty years ago, would the children of the 1950’s even have dared talk to their parents in the manor in which they do now? Of course not, and the reason that this is so, is because parents no longer see the need for discipline. If a child does wrong, should he not be punished so he won’t do it again? Well it is apparent that the parents of today are only concerned with “oh, well it might scar him mentally”, but what they don’t realize is that they are harming the child more than they will ever know by removing discipline from their lives. What are these same children supposed to do when they leave their little “perfect” lives, and enter the real world, where nobody cares about them, and nobody provides for them except themselves? How are they supposed to make it in this life if the only way they know how to live is in rebellion and with no consequences to their actions? In high school, I belonged to a public speaking club that’s sole purpose was to train the youth of the nation to become confident public speakers. Toward the end of the school year, when the club was having its “farewell” meetings, one of the officers didn’t come to one of the biggest meetings of the year. When we (I and my best friend) inquired as to why he wasn’t there, the administrator told us that he had quit. Well, naturally we wanted to know under what pretense he quit, and she said “well, he came to my office and said that he quit because he wasn’t interested anymore, and if something doesn’t interest him, then he will quit”. Well, here is some news for you buddy; good luck being a success at anything in your life. Why? Because there comes a time in everything you do when it will inevitably become uninteresting to you. If you quit when this moment arrives, you have done nothing but sell yourself short and become like the other 90% of teenagers out there, who’s only goal in life is to “have fun”.

If we don’t take a step back as a nation, and evaluate some of the choices we have made as either parents or children, then how can we expect that everything will “work itself out in the wash”? You cannot get something from nothing, if you wish to succeed; you must work diligently to achieve your goal. Someone once said “To have what you have never had, you must do what you have never done”, and if we ever want to achieve something great, we must make ourselves into a great person through our own blood, sweat, and tears. No, it will not be easy, but when is anything worthwhile easy?

As I end my rant about the people that I see everyday, I want ask you all one question that you much search you heart and mind to find the answer, and that question is “if any of you knows a single, attractive female between the ages of 18-23, please e-mail me” :-D

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